Ecology Action: Light Energy Rebate (3rd Phase)

In conjunction with our Green Re/Certification in 2009, 2013 and 2016, we worked closely with Ecology Action RIght LIghts and Associated Bay Area Resources Group to upgrade our lighting with AmBay’s Energy Watch Program. The most recent improvements will reduce our electricity requirements further with LED exterior lighting and efficient office florescent tubes combined. Payback costs are projected to be one year.

PV Solar 2015

Since 2005, we have been interested in installing PV Solar on our building. Structural capacities and re-roofing costs made the project cost prohibitive. In 2015 the City of Santa Cruz hosted a workshop for interested parties. We applied to the assistance program and were selected to receive financial counseling regarding payback etc. Although we did not use the City-sponsored incentive programs we were able to split the project into a structural enhancement with a new roof and a separate PV Solar consisting of ±75 KW system. Our first year electricity costs were reduced by $35,000.00. Our loan will be paid within 5 years and the PV system should pay for itself within 7 years.

CAL-OSHA Golden Gate Award

In our effort to improve our Safety Program, we consulted with OSHA on a proactive basis. Facility and site inspections lead to implemntation of several procedural improvements and recognition by the award. At the time we had a very high Experience Modification Rate (EMR) due to (3) simultaneous cases of cumulative trauma coinciding with significantly reduced working hours. We have worked hard to average .73 EMR for the past 5 years.

Cool CA Award

Geo. H. Wilson was recognized for implementing climate-smart strategies and announced as a winner of the fifth Cool CA Award. Geo. H. Wilson is a company who has steadily developed, maintained and improved its already sustainable business practices, which will continue to make a difference for decades.

Post Climate Leader Certificate

Jo Fleming (CA Green Business) informed us of this opportunity to apply to the Climate Leader based on our work practices. We completed the application and were fortunate to be recognized for our efforts. Click here for Senate Proclamations.

LEEDS Certified

Willie Mecadon and Tom Wilson have earned Green Associate LEED Certification. Click on link to view certificate.

City of Santa Cruz Green Business Re/Certification

Geo. H. Wilson was the first business within the City of Santa Cruz to be recertified with the Monterey Bay Area Green Business Program. Certified for 4 years: 2005, 2009, 2013, 2016.

Green Business Quarterly

GHW was featured in the May/June 2010 issue.

Safety Award

GHW recently received the Golden Gate CAL/OSHA Award for recognition of an excellent record of safety in the workplace.

CHP Certificate of Safety

GHW has achieved consistent safety compliance with their fleet of vehicles, as certified by the California Highway Patrol. Click on link to view certificate.

Geo. H. Wilson was part of Barry Swenson Building Construction team that provided the sustainable mechanical components such as:

  • Solar Hot Water
  • High Efficiency Boiler & Furnace
  • Dual Flush Toilets
  • Lavatory Trap Primers
  • ADA Bathtubs and Roll-in Showers

Our efforts in using these sustainable components qualified the project for the
City of Santa Cruz Green Building Award.

Our commitment to green building is consistent with the goals of the Monterey Bay Area Green Business Program and Think Local First as a sustainable means to save water and energy.

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